Acheron Squadron

Flight Marshal and 1st Pilot
Nils Lichtmann, callsign: Arclight

2nd Pilot
Lydia Litvyak, callsign: Ursa. A harsh second in command for the wing, Lydia is ruthless in her execution of missions. She is hard drinking but barely shows it. Can outdrink anyone else in the squad and still fly in a straight line. Very dismissive of anyone she perceives as lazy or weak willed, which makes it a little odd that she gets along so well with Flight Marshal Lichtmann…

3rd Pilot
Ibn Faqtah, callsign: Boomer. Known for dropping his entire payload onto a single target with great accuracy, hence “Boomer.”

4th Pilot
Harald Jinx, callsign: Lucky. Callsign is ironic as Jinx often lives up to his name. A skilled pilot nonetheless, he is prone to odd mishaps, such as getting his thruster controls to operate on the inverse of everyone else’s. Nils likes him for his bad luck though — it means he’s alive based purely on skill.

5th Pilot
Byron Hussar, callsign: Shifty. Hussar is a stoic man, and not many in Acheron know anything about his past. It takes people a long time to be able to trust him, and no one really knows if he trusts the rest of the squad. One thing is for sure though: he’s clutch in a bar fight.

6th Pilot
Phileas Hawthorne III, callsign: Regal. Given lots of flak over his fancy name, and is widely assumed to be noble borne. Whether he is or not, no one knows for sure, but he certainly acts as though he’s several classes above.

7th Pilot
Marshal Haddock, callsign: Impostor. Callsign derives from the fact that both he and the Flight Marshal would respond whenever someone said “Marshal.” Nil’s oldest wingman, very trusted. Also very by the books pilot, an unusual trait for Acheron squadron.

8th Pilot
Matilda Beryl, callsign: Foxface. The youngest member of Acheron, a very vibrant, vivacious aviatrix. Always has something to say. Makes a hobby out of breaking the hearts of deck ratings.

9th Pilot
Biggs (see 10th Pilot)

10th Pilot
Wedge. To be honest, I get Biggs and Wedge mixed up a lot. They seem kind of like twins, but I don’t think they are.

Acheron Squadron

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