Father Aldric Castiel

Chief Confessor of the Gormenghast and Emissary of the Ecclisiarchy for the Gilliam Dynasty.


Hailing from the shrine world Ophelia VII, Aldric Castiel comes from a long line of servants of the Ecclisiarchy. Castiel’s own family, and the sects of power the work with and for in the Ecclisiarchy, are strong conservatives. Though they do not label themselves as monodominants, they are zealous in their belief that the galaxy is the domain of humanity by divine providence of the God Emperor, and that the xenos should not be suffered to live.

As a fervent believer and a passionate orator, Castiel quickly rose through the ranks of the Ecclisiarchy, gaining allies along the way among many classes of citizens of the Imperium — including within the Inquisition itself.

Despite his lofty position on Ophelia VII, at the age of 62 Castiel resigned his post and walked away from everything he had built up. His prompting for doing this was a vision he received — a vision he believes came from none other than the God Emperor himself. The vision told him that he had a role to play in a larger plan, and that he could only fulfill this role by traveling to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, beyond even the borders of the Imperium. As such, he began his new life as a missionary.

Eventually his travels took him near to the Koronus Expanse, where he found himself drawn to the beacon of the Emperor that is the Gormenghast. Having recently suffered a devastating attack from the Eldar, the Rogue Trader Gilliam welcomed Father Castiel aboard as his new Chief Confessor.

Father Castiel is also noted for having wanted to go to Iniquity first, not Illisk.

Father Aldric Castiel

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