Timely Retaliation

Imperial Light Cruiser


Morale: /100
Population: ??/100
Power: ??/

Space: /
Crew: Competent (30)
Speed: ?
Hull Integrity: /
Armour: ??
Detection: +??
Manoeuvre: +??
Turret Rating: ?
Weapon Capacity: ?
Hull: Light Cruiser
Class: ?
Dimensions: ?
Mass: ?
Crew: ?
Accel: ?

Essential Components
Jovian Class 4 Plasma Drives:
Power + 75/Space -14
Miloslav H616.b Warp Drive:
Power -10/Space -12
Half all Warp travel times, but test for Warp Encounters every three days
Lathe Class Gellar Field
Power -1/Space 0
Multiple Void Shield Array:
Power -7/Space -2
Two void shields
Command Bridge:
Power -3/Space -2
Captain gains +5 to Command
All shipboard weapons gain +5 BS
This component becomes unpowered on a roll of 3 or higher if it ever suffers a Critical Hit
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer
Power -5/Space -3
Voidsmen Quarters
Power -2/Space -4
M-201.b Auger Arrays
Power -5/Space 0
+ 5 to Detection (included)

Weapon Components
Jovian Pattern Launch Bays:
Starboard & Port
Strength 2 Each

Stygies Pattern Bombardment Cannons:
Prow/Power -5/Space -5/Strength 3/Damage 1d10+6/Crit 2/Range 4
Add 1 to the result of Critical Hits
+20 to Intimidate tests against planetary characters
+50 to Achievement on Military Objectives
Double affected area, +20 damage against large units, +10 damage against vehicles and indivivduals as part of planetary bombardment

Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadsides
Starboard/Power -4/Space -5/Strength 6/Damage 1d10+2/Crit 5/Range 6

Disruption Macrocannon Broadsides
Port/Power -6/Space -5/Strength 6/Damage 1d10+1/Crit 0/Range 5
For every 5 damage inflicted, one random component becomes unpowered
Cannot cause Critical Hits
Ignores Armour


The Barathrum has claimed over a dozen ships from the Imperium; old spacers tell stories of dense clouds of warpspace that engulf ships of the line and freighters alike, but there are no reliable accounts of anomaly 616/Theta, even by the crews of the Timely Retaliation and the Gormenghast.

Lost in 9.550.815.M41, the Timely Retaliation had been all but forgotten by the Imperial Navy, it’s name important only to scribe-archivists and ancient rescue teams. Somehow, its cursed machine-spirit was rescued by the Gormenghast, but it has been indelibly touched by the Warp.


Timely Retaliation

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