The Flagship of the Gilliam Rogue Traders


Morale: 105/105
Population: 100/100
Power: 18/75
Space: 7/65
Crew: Competent (45)
Speed: 5
Hull Integrity: 66/66
Armour: 20
Detection: +23
Manoeuvre: +18
Turret Rating: 3
Weapon Capacity: 2 Starboard, 2 Port, 1 Prow (launch bays cannot be removed)
Hull: Cruiser
Class: Dictator
Dimensions: 5.1km long, 0.8 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 29 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 85,000 crew; 15,000 pilots and support personnel approx.
Accel: 2.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration
Ancient and Wise: -4 to Hull Integrity, +10 to Manoeuvre (included)
Emissary of the Imperator: +15 to Intimidate, -5 to all other social tests if the character is recognized as a crewmember of the Gormenghast.

Essential Components
Jovian Class 4 Plasma Drives:
Power + 75/Space -14
Miloslav H616.b Warp Drive:
Power -10/Space -12
Half all Warp travel times, but test for Warp Encounters every three days
Lathe Class Gellar Field
Power -1/Space 0
Multiple Void Shield Array:
Power -7/Space -2
Two void shields
Command Bridge:
Power -3/Space -2
Captain gains +5 to Command
All shipboard weapons gain +5 BS
This component becomes unpowered on a roll of 3 or higher if it ever suffers a Critical Hit
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer
Power -5/Space -3
Voidsmen Quarters
Power -2/Space -4
M-201.b Auger Arrays
Power -5/Space 0
+ 5 to Detection (included)

Weapon Components
Jovian Pattern Launch Bays:
Starboard & Port
Strength 2 Each

Stygies Pattern Bombardment Cannons:
Prow/Power -5/Space -5/Strength 3/Damage 1d10+6/Crit 2/Range 4
Add 1 to the result of Critical Hits
+20 to Intimidate tests against planetary characters
+50 to Achievement on Military Objectives
Double affected area, +20 damage against large units, +10 damage against vehicles and indivivduals as part of planetary bombardment

Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadsides
Starboard/Power -4/Space -5/Strength 6/Damage 1d10+2/Crit 5/Range 6

Disruption Macrocannon Broadsides
Port/Power -6/Space -5/Strength 6/Damage 1d10+1/Crit 0/Range 5
For every 5 damage inflicted, one random component becomes unpowered
Cannot cause Critical Hits
Ignores Armour

Supplemental Components
Librarium Vault: All Investigation tests gain +10
Power -1/Space -1
Pilot Chambers: All squadrons gain a +2 rating (included)
Power -1/Space -1
Cruiser Adapted Energistic Matrix: Spend 5 points of unused power to increase speed by 1, maximum of +5 speed.
Power -1/Space -1
Smalle Crafte Ripaer Decke: For every degree of success on a Difficult (-10) Tech-Use, two craft are salvaged after starship combat
Power -2/Space -2
Manufactorum: +10 to tests for repairing Hull integrity. +10 to trade objectives. Manufacture Common items.
Power -2/Space -1

Fighter Wings
Fury Interceptor
Orichalcum Squadron: Full Strength
Hepatizon Squadron: Full Strength
Ghost Orchid: Full Strength
Illyrus Squadron: Full Strength
Squadron Size: 20
Rating: +12
Speed (VUs): 10
Durable: Reduce squadron losses by 1, to a minimum of zero

Assault Wings
Shark Assault Boat
Sicarii Squadron: Full Strength
Avengers Squadron: Full Strength
Squadron Size: 8
Rating: +7
Speed (VUs): 10

Bomber Wings
Starhawk Bomber
Arctic Panzer Wolves: Full Strength
Corneria Squadron: Full Strength
Ixaniad Squadron: Full Strength
Carronade Squadron: Full Strength
Acheron Squadron: Full Strength
Gilded Spearhead Squadron: Full Strength
Squadron Size: 10
Rating: +2
Speed (VUs): 6
Durable: Reduce squadron losses by 1, to a minimum of zero

Graveyard Wings
Black Trillium Fury Interceptor Squadron
Electrum Fury Interceptor Squadron
Gehenna Starhawk Bomber Squadron
Gold Kraken Starhawk Bomber Squadron

The First
Cargan Brazil Gilliam – Lord Captain (+ 10 bonus to Hold Fast! Action)
Tristan Gilliam – Lord Captain
The Second
Tecia – Lord Lieutenant (1st Officer) (+ 5 to Command on board ship)
Alexie Zelchev – High Factotum (Move 300 achievement points from one endeavour to another)
Crimson Dorath – Enginseer Prime (+ 10 to Emergency Repairs action)
The Third
Elohäm Garrisk – Navigator Primaris (Warp Guide) (+ 5 to steering through the Warp)
Laveks – Master of Etherics (+ 10 to Focused Augury action)
Dr. Vendigroth Torque – Chief Chirurgeon (+ 10 to Triage action)
Rosa Petreum – Master Helmsman (+ 10 to Evasive Manoeuvres action)
Anita – Choir-Master Telepathica (Increase astropathic signals range by one step)
Oliver Vargus – Master of Ordnance (+ 5 to BS when benefitting from Lock on Target action)
Malachai Ralle – Master-at-Arms (+ 10 to Prepare to Repel Boarders! action)
Marius Nix – Master of Whispers (+ 10 to Disinformation action)
The Fourth
Samuel Varstein – Purser (Routine (+ 20) Barter to replenish morale with 25 achievement points)
Father Aldric Castiel – Ship’s Confessor (+ 10 bonus to Put Your Backs into It! action)
Amos – Omnissianic Congregator (+ 10 bonus to Aid the Machine Spirit action)
Battosai Kai’shi – Carto-Artifex (+ 10 to Per tests during Warp Navigation and for stellar phenomena)
Mariam Quorid – Master of the Vox (+ 20 to Jam Communications action)
?? – Drivesmaster (+ 10 to Flank Speed action)
Dunn Nichols – Chief Bosun (+ 5 bonus to Crew rating; no Command penalties for low morale)
Marvin Sharrakan – Ship’s Steward (Doubles effective provisions)
Theramy McGivens – Infernus Master (Fire Chief) (+ 20 to Command to fight fires)
Descartes Taft – Twistcatcher (Raid mutants for +1d5 Pop and -1 Morale after starship combat)
Samus Reik – First Emissary (


Currently Lord Captain Cargan Brazil Gilliam‘s ship, but the ship has in all probability served his family’s dynasty for almost as long as there has been one. The Mosaic Poems kept in the High Vaults claim the cruiser was acquired in the Ixaniad sector around the same time as Ailish Siobhan Gilliam received the warrant thousands of years ago, but corroborating evidence has been lost or never existed, and even members of the immediate Gilliam family admit the ancient tales in the Poems may be nothing more than ancestor myths. The House takes it history with a grain of salt and a smile.

The ship, over five kilometers long, houses many forgotten secrets and dusty traditions. A bottle of vintage amasec is always given to officers on promotion to a senior position (many of its traditions revolve around amasec), although the ship still uses rhum in its rations. Rhum is a distillate of molasses and sugar substances and outside of the Gormenghast the ancient technique for making it has mostly been lost.

The Gormenghast is a warship, and the marine complement of the crew has always been kept honed to a razor sharp capability. It isn’t unusual for the marines to far outstrip the quality of the ratings on the ship. They are usually an elite force ( under Cargan this is no different) and they have their own traditions, shrines, and leisure areas similar to the squadron pilots. Many Warrant Officers come from the marines.

Every Lord-Captain strives to make his mark upon the ship, some succeeding more than others. Lord Captain Cargan Brazil Gilliam has turned his attention to the pilots and elevated the bomber squadrons to the elite position typically held by fighter pilots. Aces are directed toward the bomber program, accolades and medals are showered upon the bombers, and overall Wing Command has been given to the Arctic Panzer Wolves instead of one of the fighter squadrons. Cargan, believing that the bombers had the hardest and most important work of the squadrons, transferred the senior pilots who remained after he stole command of the ship to the bombers. Since the pool of pilot talent was dilute after years of anemic leadership before him, this was easily done, and the bombers, the Wolves in particular, became everyone’s favourite heroes in the culture of the Gormenghast.

Once simply known as The Household, the Cat Graveyard houses the remains of Gormenghast’s once large feline population and the mementos used to commemorate them. It’s unknown which former Rogue Trader created The Household, but it has been reduced to its current state by the predations of Eldar pirates. It’s a sad place to visit, and many cat lovers nurture an even stronger hatred of the Xenos. Rumours amongst the ship’s corridors say that the cat survivors of the attack have the protection of the psykers aboard the vessel.

There is a fathomless dark pool in one of the lonely branches of the ship, possibly caused by a life support anomaly which no one has the knowledge to fix anymore. This has become a fishing ground for the more adventurous among the privileged population. The fish caught are not of the typical variety, and closely resemble the marine life of ancient Terra’s deepest ocean floors. It is a commonly held belief that they are safe to eat, but the debate rages on.

Most of the older crewmembers who work with the helm or the engines would swear to the Emperor that it is the machine spirit who that moves the ship for the helmsman, and not the other way around. The ship seems to interpret the captain’s orders before the helm translates it. At anchor, Gormenghast never seems at rest; observers watching through vidscreens swear they see the gunship slowly rotate on its axis, incrementally turning its macrocannons and helm to face them, although this never shows up on their augurs.

Gormengast blueprint small

Gormengast basic frame small


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