Ex Crasius Amicus

Abandoned Sword Frigate Found near Illisk


Morale: 98/98
Population: 100/100
Power: 12/45
Space: 4/40
Crew: Competent (30)
Speed: 8
Hull Integrity: 35/35
Armour: 18
Detection: +15
Manoeuvre: +20
Turret Rating: 2
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 2
Hull: Frigate
Class: Sword-class Frigate
Dimensions: 1.6km long, 0.3km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 6 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 26,000 crew
Accel: 4.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration

Wrothful: During combat the ship gains + 1 Speed and + 7 Maneuverability. Out of combat the ship suffers from -1 Speed and -5 to to Speed and Maneuverability.
Turbulent Past: The crew gets a -20 to social Skill tests involving groups from or closely related to Illisk, like Necrons, The Thulians, the mutant humans, etc. The crew gains a + 20 to social Skill tests involving pirates.

Essential Components
Jovian Class 2 Plasma Drives:
Power + 45/Space -10
Strelov 1 Warp Drive:
Power -10/Space -10
Mercy-Class Gellar Field
Power -1/Space 0
Single Void Shield Array:
Power -5/Space -1
One Void Shield
Armoured Bridge:
Power -2/Space -2
If this component becomes damaged, unpowered, or takes a critical hit, on a roll of 4 or higher it is unharmed
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer
Power -5/Space -3
Pressed-Crew Quarters
Power -1/Space -2
M-100 Auger Arrays
Power -3/Space 0

Weapon Components
Dorsal Hellus Secondary Macrocannon Batteries:
Dorsal/Power -1/Space -4/Strength 2/Damage 1d10+2/Crit 5/Range 4

Dorsal Staravar Laser Macrobattery:
Dorsal/Power-4/Space-4/Strength 4/Damage1d10+2/Crit 4/Range 12

Starbreaker Lance unworking
Unhinged/Power -6/Space -4/Strength 1/Damage 1d10+2/Crit 3/Range 5

Supplemental Components
Crew Reclamation Facility
Power -1/Space -1


Part of the Gilliam fleet, including the Gormenghast, and the Timely Retaliation

Sword class frigate painting

Sword class frigate profile

Ex Crasius Amicus

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