Ruddy skin, lean, red hair, wears war paint, yellow eyes, of bilious demeanor. Motivation: Vengeance.


A mean-looking crack shot raised in the Lathes among the undergangs and recruited by a mercenary guild at a young age, Regulus thouroughly enjoys his role of directing some of the biggest guns in the expanse.
WS41 BS60 S45 T41 Ag50 Int40 Per37 WP41 Fel32 W22 F0
Arch Militant
Bolt pistol; Hunting Rifle; Mono gladius (claims it is an Astartes Combat knife)
Skills: Acrobatics; Awareness; Carouse; Command; CL:MachineCult,Tech,War; Concealment; Demolitions; Dodge; Drive(ground); Interrogate; Intimidate; Literacy; Medicae; SL:TacticaImp; Security; Silent Move; Shadowing; Survival; Tracking; Tech use. Speak(LowGothic)