Nils "Arclight" Lichtmann

Flight Marshal of Acheron Squadron, all around best pilot ever.


Nils Lichtmann is the best pilot you have ever or will ever meet. But you can call me Arclight. That’s my callsign. Don’t worry about it, it’s a pilot thing.

I’m flight marshal for Acheron Squadron. Acheron Squadron is the best squadron. Our motto is “the best squadron.” Actually it’s “Ferry the dead,” but that’s not the point. The point is, Acheron is better than everyone else, due in large part to me.

I have had a colorful and varied past that I have absolutely no interest in discussing. I’ll give you a heads up if we get to a planet I’m not supposed to go to anymore. But that doesn’t happen much anymore now that I’m back home in the Expanse. Let’s not go to the Calixis Sector anytime soon, ok?

Got any more questions? Let’s get a drink first.

My name is Nils Lichtmann.

I am a pilot.

Nils "Arclight" Lichtmann

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