Master Alexei Zelchev

High Factotum


40 something year old man, tall and very thin. Hair dyed black. Violet eyes, skin: porcelain pale. Physical attributes belie a hearty constitution and resillient will. Highly intelligent (some of it due to bionic enhancements) and fluent in 4 Throne approved languages.
Combat training: duelling swords.


Born to Drs. Zakari and Natasha Zelchev. Location: transport vessel designation: STARBORNE. Gilliam fleet in high anchor: Lugari system.
Trained in the Imperial Collegus Administratum on Scintilla ages 8-16.
Graduate top 4% of class; diplomas in Economics, Linguistics and Astrography.
Passed up employment as Administorum official and accepted tutelage as a Seneschal in the faltering Gilliam Rogue Trader Dynasty. (…the proceeding psych evaluation recommended by Administorum superiors proved XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX…see attatched) Promoted to High Factotum after 23 years of diligent service. Since his promotion the Gilliam Dynasty has seen its first signs of profit after decades of almost constant decline.
Current status: High Factotum to Rogue Trader Lord Cargan Gilliam aboard Dictator Class vessel designation Gormenghast; location Koronus expanse (unknown).

Master Alexei Zelchev

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