Difference Engine


It is difficult to pinpoint exactly how a young Tech-priest Genetor became the Black Hand to Davian’s Black Bounty. Mostly this is due to Davian Black’s singleminded pursuit of whatever happens to be interesting to him at the time. He tends to deflect questions not related to his personal interests and redirect the conversation to the topic he currently has in mind. Sometimes using a firearm for emphasis. When faced with this question Miss Throne (the Genetor always refers to her as Miss Throne) either rolls her eyes or bores them into her interlocutor; she is not in the habit of giving away information about the business if the business isn’t getting paid for it.

Few actually think to ask Difference Engine himself, for despite his proclivity for dialogue and his fascination for the human machine, the vast majority of people do not reciprocate his interest. He is a fully ordained Tech-priest, abstruse, with mystery draped over his shoulders and wheezing out of his vox. He tends to answer inquiries with veiled religious symbolism, pushing with reciprocal questions and exhorting the askers to find their answers through greater understanding of the machine. This rarely helps.

The more conservative among the Adeptus Mechanicus consider Explorators to have just nearly missed becoming pariahs. Every standard Terran year, thousands upon thousands of Tech-priests who may have asked too many questions or showed too much individual creativity are shunted to the furthest reaches of the Imperium and beyond. While these postings effectively terminate any chance at a Mechanicus political career for the Explorator, they bring with them a level of freedom that is practically unparalleled in that organization. Difference Engine’s behaviour would not have seemed that aberrant until one realizes that Tech-priests are considered dogmatic and intractable even by Imperial standards.

Although he was trained in a more traditional Martian philosophy than the Lathic theologians that hold sway within Koronus, Genetor Engine tends to get along well with other Explorators. He is deeply religious and strongly motivated by the spirituality of machines and systems. Humans are a closed system, but they form another system when placed in groups, which in turn touches other systems. In this way the Omnissiah touches and moves everything.

Difference Engine

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