Deacan Rhann

1st Emissary


Deacan is a skilled diplomat and numbers cruncher. He was born on the Forge World Thanitine in the Jerico Reach. It was there that he Graduated with marks and was recommended to a raider ship captained by a mighty Astartes. The mission was inquisitor classified thus he could gain little information on why he was pulled to service and what the intended mission was. After proving himself valuable to their service he swiftly draft dodged inquisitorial attempts to requisition him and through recommendations of unknown parties came to crew upon the vessel Gormenghast of the Gilliam Dynasty. In an incredibly short span of time he was promoted to Purser of the vessel. A short time after that he was stripped of his title for disobedience but soon after given the rank of 1st Emissary.

This title gives Deacan the opportunity to use his natural connection with others to the fullest extent. His extensive practice in philosophy and xeno culture makes him the prime candidate for diplomatic negotiations with those of nonhuman genealogy. He of course sees this as yet another opportunity to build his knowledge base and create a better world by building non hostile Xenos-human relations. It is in these actions that Deacan strives for what he has dubbed, the Greater Good of all races. A philosophy that would benefit all civilized cultures through improvements in medicine, technology, and protection from the more hostile elements of the galaxy.

Deacan is nothing short of Brilliant. His analytical mind easily breaks down the most complex ciphers, mathematical equations, and scientific quandaries. It is a talent only rivaled by his excess of compassion for the well being of others. His love, respect, and admiration of mankind is perhaps his greatest virtue and at the same time his greatest weakness. None the less it is a quality that is at times beyond his ability to control.

Deacan Rhann

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