House Gilliam: to Carve an Empire from Ashes

Davian Black Log 6

+++Davian Black Log 342+++
Davian black ii.1
Deck Officer, “You will find here aboard the Gormenghast a panoply of vigorous and
venerable ship systems thundering beneath your very feet on every deck.
From our unflagging, unflappable plasma drives to the sibilant thrumming of
the grav lift system we’re utilizing at this moment, I feel full confidence
that no ship you have ever set foot on can even begin to approach the
incomparable beauty – and efficiency – of the mighty Gormenghast. I ask you Mr. Black, have you ever seen her equal?”

2 minutes later

Davian Black, “……You don’t fuck with a kroot in the forest…”


Warlock_Xanatos Gladiator

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