House Gilliam: to Carve an Empire from Ashes

Davian Black Log 4

+++Davian Black Log 69+++
Davian black ii.1
You may have heard they put me under right after syndicate wars. That was the rumor anyway. Damn near did, too. My network took a hit, lost a lot of contacts, materials, manpower. Bloodied me up and took me out of commission for a while. But worst of all those no good slaught sucking sons of bitches took something personal of mine…. They shouldn’t a done that.
After I got back on my feet Jason fixed up the Faux. I beat the street for a bit. Drummed up some info on this patsy that was claiming he put me in the shallows. Some merchant with ties to the Crimson Alliance. His name was Reid, fat little bastard, tiny eyes, long nose, running his mouth claiming he was the one who put me out of the game. I can’t believe some people bought it.. That round assed softy was all lace and oils, ain’t never had to bleed for nothing in his life. You dedicate your life to a reputation and all it takes is for some pudgy little shit head to start running his mouth. People disappoint the hell out of me sometimes.
So word hit the street that I wasn’t as dead as he was claiming. I guess that must have spooked him something awful cause he went and holed himself up in this “impregnable fortress called the spire, a wing in some Ramsilies class star fort at the neck of the expanse.
There was this one guy way back when who said if you hide behind walls you’re gonna get worked over. I don’t quite take his meaning. I don’t know about all that. I’ve hid behind plenty of walls in my time and it usually worked out for me just fine. But I guess he was right about it this time cause I fly the Faux right up to the front door of this spire. He must have had over a hundred men waiting for me.
Most didn’t last too long. I brought out some of my special toys for this one. Sure it may have set me back a couple of Woolon but it was worth it to see their faces. All these stiff lipped pansy weights screaming for their lives as their skin sloughed off. Tell you what. A man see’s his buddy melt into goo he’s gotta ask himself some serious questions about the nature of his company. I tell you what the lot of them must have loved their wives something fierce the way they drop arms and yellow tailed it come when I turned that corner.
I must have earned me bout 30 stripes before I made it to Reid’s chamber. Haha! It gets me laugh’n every time I think about it. Man oh man you’d never see a bigger puddle of piss in the hole verse. This sob story of a man, whining and crying about how it ain’t fair, how he had nothing to do with it, he was just using the hype to pad his rep. He offered me Throne, Woolon, gold, his daughters, hell even the whores he had in his chamber.
Don’t get me wrong; I could’ve used the play. I think I was bleeding from about every hole in my body and if my count’s right they added a couple to the total. Nothing makes a fight worth it then a shot of whiskey and some trim at the end of a long day. But this time I wasn’t looking to play around. He had bits of precious that was my personals. Took his stubby fat fingers three different tries till he finally put in the right code to open his vault. There it was, sitting all pretty waiting to come home to papa. I grabbed it, made sure it was all in one piece, packed it away and walked right out the door. Why didn’t I kill him? Dead men tell no tales…which makes sense to me I guess.


Warlock_Xanatos Gladiator

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