House Gilliam: to Carve an Empire from Ashes

Davian Black Log 3

+++Davian Black Log 102+++
Davian black ii.1
I had this high profile protection gig on Solace a couple months back. Prettiest man I ever saw sends me a vid begging for the life of his daughter. Turns out this fancy pants’ed cuffed-sleeved priss got all in a twist cause his whore of a daughter decided to lube up some other dame’s man. Well, it turns out this other dame happens to have arms as thick as a krootox. This poor darling had a jaw like a couple of roped bricks. So she shows up while I’m swimming in the glitter trail left by all these fancy men. Before they see it coming this Cindarella is on them and tosses her boy toys aside like rag dolls.
So this giant ape of a woman is bull charging me, big’ole bee hive flapping in the wind and the first thing I think is to skin my smoke wagons and get to work. But it ends up that pistols are illegal in the municipality of New Venezia and I don’t like to paste skirts, even the fugly ones. So this meat fisted behemoth dives at the only thing in the way of the Captain Fancy Pant’s whore daughter, that’s me if you don’t follow, and I gave her all five fingers into that rocrete jaw of hers.
Now let me premise this by saying I ain’t no limp wristed socialite. I kill folks. I’ve grown up in the pits, I’ve broken and bloodied the toughest gene spliced freaks they could throw against me. When I clocked that dame I would have broken ceramite plate. She just looks at me, eyes all beady, too close set, and back hands me 5 feet into a wall. Cracked the back of my helmet with the impact. I don’t know what the hell she was on but it must have been some watered down Z or maybe some accelera. Right before she crushed the little whore’s head I jumped on her back and took her overboard with me. We had it out for a couple seconds before I pull back and give her what’s fore.
It was a doozy of a hit, cracked the armored knuckles of my glove and send a couple three teeth of her’s in the air to boot. Sent cow-girl reeling. Now you might think this next move to be low, but you weren’t the ones grappling with her neither. I followed up that haymaker with a full-bore kick right to her nethers. That’s when I found out that this skit wasn’t no skirt. She had man parts. I also realized that she wasn’t on no watered down Z, either. She was on Frenzon, and that kick made him awful sore at me. And that, kid, is why lady folk aren’t to be trusted.


Although I have yet to find the man, rating or officer, who can decipher the inscrutable meaning of your meandering morality fables, they are unfathomably popular (perhaps it is the way you pause between scenes to violently expectorate some mysterious substance. Blood? Teeth?). Therefore I have declared the possession and distribution of this material to be illegal, ensuring that they continue to be listened to and increase morale.

Davian Black Log 3
Warlock_Xanatos Gladiator

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