House Gilliam: to Carve an Empire from Ashes

Davian Black Log 2

+++Davian Black Log 107+++
Davian black ii.1
A long time back now, throne, we’re talking a couple decades now, I was work’n against the Crimson Alliance at the time and I guess they didn’t take too kindly to me getting rid of one of their backers. Ian Merbline was the name of the guy I think. Hell, he had like 5 names but I’m pretty sure it was Merbline. Anyways, I burst through the window of this high-rise palisade guns a blazing. I gotta hand it to him, his body guards were sharp. They managed to take every bullet I sent his way. They wasn’t nothing but chunks of bloody meat when I was done but he was still standing in the end.
He grabs his daughter and son and pulls’em close, begging me for their lives. Of course the whole time he’s begging he’s holding these powder faced brats in front of him blocking my shot. It’s like he’d had practice at it. Before I get another second the door behind him explodes open and in comes rushing a fist of servitors toting that heavy silverware.
I guess I could have shot through those little rat kids of his but something about that didn’t sit quite right with me. So I dropped a Laceration mine at their feet and jump right back out that damn window.
Funny thing is that son of a bitch lived through it some how. How’s that for luck? Pissed in my morning caf that’s for sure. I had to fight all the way back up through that damn hab block killing every step of the way before I finally caught up to him. Kids….what a bitch.


Warlock_Xanatos Gladiator

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