House Gilliam: to Carve an Empire from Ashes

Davian Black Log 1

+++Davian Black Log 231+++
Davian black ii.1
Got this bounty once, this fine little thing named Miss V. Spit fire and all, red hair, big soft tittles make you want to roll over and ball for buttermilk. I’d been tracking her down on this gutter hole of a planet named Footfall for 2 weeks. Seemed to know when I was coming. Every joint I rolled into it’d end up she’d just been there not but a day ago. When I finally found her she was in this rat hive of a bar named The Loove. About a tub of piss later we was singing war songs and trading shots of rot gut. She was a doll, perfect lips, big green eyes, perfect soft titties that make you …oh I said that already. Well, come sun up we didn’t want to stop. She knew why I was there and once the fun stopped it’d be business as usual. So we didn’t stop. We drank that place clean till sun up, had a couple tussles in the sack, if you know what I mean, then passed out stone drunk till about the witching hour.
When I woke up she was gone. I expected as much, hell part of me was glad I gave her the out. It’d be a damn shame to bring her in after all the fun we’d just had. I’ve run into her a couple times since then, hell once I waxed some hard ass wanna-be for trying to mark on her. Every time I found her, same kind of deal, drink, party, fug, rinse, repeat. I figure one day I’ll make good on her mark. Reel her in, collect a couple coins for the trouble, but the way I look at it, I’d pay that much in throne a night for her company anyway so square’s square.
So there’s a lesson to be learned in there somewhere kid.


Is this why Mordecai is always muttering “the flesh is weak…”?

Davian Black Log 1
Warlock_Xanatos Gladiator

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