House Gilliam: to Carve an Empire from Ashes


Letter to Alexie Zelchev – High Factorum

To my good friend and Lord Zelchev,
Alexie Zelchev, in the advent that I am not to return from my duties on my diplomatic mission to the Kalief of the Menenites I must make recommendations for my replacement should you require any suggestion. My dutiful senior aide Samus Riek would be an ideal replacement. I have found that he has temperament, guile, and shows wise judgment in his actions. I feel that Barabus Aquinos possesses abilities in abundance and would normally advise him but his true calling is that of advisor to the position of 1st Emissary. I would highly advise that Klightus Gasson and Severine Rix remain in their current capacity as senior aides to the 1st emissary. Also I will have instructed my 1st advisor to release all notes to you should I not return from this endeavor.
That being said I wish to convey the following. I must say that it has been a privilege and a pleasure to work under you and I have learned much from the knowledge you have bestowed upon me. I am forever in your debt and wish for the best in your adventures in the future. If I would request one thing from you it would be this. Remember the time that the two of us spoke in the observation chamber? The things that are most important to not only the dynasty but the progress of man. I would ask that you never forget these words that were spoken and that you take with you the best parts of humanity. May you find peace and prosperity in your future my dear friend and may the Emperors beneficent guidance be the wind at your sails, always.
~Deacan Rhann


Warlock_Xanatos Gladiator

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